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Sales Order workline cancelation, new workline creation, & impact on stock inventory

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi All, first time on a Dynamics 365 Community forum..

Ran into an issue today attempting to trace back transactions of warehouse stock inventory. Discovered that a Sales Order has deducted ("sold") stock from a warehouse location after the workline was cancelled for that SKU (with the same SKU/quantity reserved with workline created @ another warehouse location).  Both worklines deducted the required SKU and quantity. Is this supposed to happen? Physical spot count of the original location (cancelled workline) is now over system count due to this. I was told by Inventory Controller that the system shouldn't have deducted after cancelation, & that it is somehow frozen during Sales Order work processing.  Could somebody please shed some light on this, and possibly offer a more detailed explanation as to why this happened?  I am now concerned that other stock inventory could be impacted by this "glitch".

Thank you

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    RE: Sales Order workline cancelation, new workline creation, & impact on stock inventory

    Hi Ra871,

    only completing the sales pick and put work will not update the inventory transactions (not the work trans) to 'issued' or 'sold'. the status will be 'picked'. only when you post the packing slip, the status will be changed to 'issued'. then after you post invoice, the status will be changed to 'sold'. 

    if the work lines are cancelled but the inventory status is issued/ sold. there is one possibility is :  the works are cancelled. then some user manually picked the order line and post the packing slip without go through the work process. This means the WMS work process was not used at all but the user follow the standard process to pick and post packing slip. 

    just some thoughts and hope it helps a bit. 

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