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Any recommendations on how to configure Hyper-V VM for Dynamics SL

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Any recommendations on how to configure Hyper-V VM for Dynamics SL and a VM for SQL 2008?  

  • How much RAM to assign to each?  We only have about 10 users with low volume of daily transactions.
  • Does it make sense to install the SQL server and the Dynamics SL on to  separate VM servers?
  • We are on Solomon 6 and looking to upgrade to either 7.0 FP1 or 2011 Dynamics SL.
  • Any things I should keep in mind while doing this process? 
  • Adam Leonard Profile Picture
    Adam Leonard 2,151 on at
    Re: Any recommendations on how to configure Hyper-V VM for Dynamics SL

    Hi Rick,

    The RAM requirements are really up to you.  For 10 concurrent users I would say you could get away with 4 but 8 is really standard.  You will need to consider the RAM requirements of SQL (if you put it on the same machine...see below), the OS, and any other apps running on the machine.  The nice thing about a VM is that you can allocate more memory to the machine if you find it's needed.

    We generally recommend that you dedicate a physical box to SQL server.  If you really want to virtualize the machine, I would recommend offloading that to it's own VM.

    There are no real special considerations when coming from 6.0 to 2011.  Nothing over what you would need to consider if coming from 6.5 or 7.0 to 2011.  The only thing that I would recommend would be to ensure you are bringing any customizations up properly.  That is, use the following steps in regards to customizations:

    1. **Ensure you have a good backup of your database**

    2. Log into Solomon as the SYSADMIN user.

    3. Under Customize at the top, choose Export Customizations.

    4. Click "Select All" to select all of your customizations.

    5. Click Browse and locate where you would like to place your .CST file and what you would like to name it.

    6. Click Begin processing.

    7. Ensure your .CST file was created in the specified path.

    8. Close Solomon.

    9. Launch SQL server Management Studio (or Query Analyzer).

    10. Log in using the 'sa' username and password.

    11. Click "New Query" at the top and choose your Solomon System Database from the drop-down at the top.

    12. Run the following statements against your System Database:

    delete from custom2

    delete from customvba

    This will essentially delete your customizations from the database.

    13. At this point, you will want to make your backups (multiple backups in multiple locations are always a plus) and run your install and run your upgrade scenario in Database Maintenance.

    14. Once the upgrade has gone successfully, you will want to log into SL as SYSADMIN.

    15. Under Customize, choose "Import Customizations"

    16. Find your .CST file that we created in step 4-6.

    17. Click Begin Processing.

    If you have any follow up questions, please let us know.

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