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Posting Options 2011 FP1 - Prevent Posting to prior fiscal years

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

According to the GL documentation and the Release Notes for 2011 FP1 the posting options feature has a few more options. I can't seem to get them to work though. If I read the documentation it says that:

"By default, no user (except SYSADMIN and members of Administrators group) will be able to specify a prior period unless they are given access rights at the View level or higher, to the Hard Close Feature (01.HC0.00) screen. The Hard Close Feature (01.HC0.00) screen is not a physical screen, but is an entry in the Access Rights Maintenance (95.270.00) screen so that you can give users and groups rights to this feature."

I am reading this as in order to allow users to post to prior periods (when selecting the option Allows Posting to Closed Fiscal Periods for All Modules), each user who needs to have access to specify a prior period needs to be setup per the info above. I have tried that yet I can't get it to work. If I have the Allow Posting to Closed Fiscal Periods checked, all users can post. If I uncheck it no one can post, even sysadmin. So I'm confused on how this should work. Can anyone help? I'm sure I am missing something very simple.


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    Adam Leonard 2,151 on at
    Re: Posting Options 2011 FP1 - Prevent Posting to prior fiscal years

    Hi Michael,

    I did some testing and found the following in the help file for the GL Setup screen:

    "If you decide to prevent posting to prior periods in regular transaction processing, you can designate individuals, based on your organization’s business practices, who will have Initialization Mode access rights in the screens so that they can override the posting restrictions."

    I think this is the key.  They need to have init rights, go into init mode, and then they can change the perpost to a previous period.

    Give this a shot and let me know what you find.

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