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Possibilities of FetchXML based Report

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Dear Community,

I'm recently working on an OnPremise Environment and have implemented SQL-based SSRS Reports. There is the requirement to move to CRM Online. Now I need to convert that report to a fetchXML-based Report and implement the new Reports already in fetchXML for future compatibility with the Online Environment (as SQL Based Reports are not supported/working on CRM Online).

I can not find anywhere documentation on creating a fetchXML Report without that Report Wizard Option, which in my opinion is extremely limited. Is there no other way to create a fetchXML Report in the way a SQL Report was developed? Including the SSRS Designer and everything except the SQL???

What is Microsoft's answer on CRM Online for more complex Reporting? My Reports can't be limited to simply speaking one fetchXML Query on the wizard natively provided design?

Thanks for any advise on that topic



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    Shidin Haridas Profile Picture
    Shidin Haridas 3,497 on at
    RE: Possibilities of FetchXML based Report

    Similar to SSRS based reports, you will be able to have graphical capabilities as well.

    The challenge is in getting data. SQL queries can directly pull from the Db tables, unlike FetchXML. But that is dependant on the report complexity.

    Here is a video here showing chart capabilities in FetchXML based reports.

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  • John Brase Profile Picture
    John Brase 395 on at
    RE: Possibilities of FetchXML based Report

    Hi Shidin, thanks a lot for your detailed feedback! On first view on the video I cannot see if I have the graphical possibilities of my old SQL based Reports. Is that still an option?

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    Shidin Haridas Profile Picture
    Shidin Haridas 3,497 on at
    RE: Possibilities of FetchXML based Report

    Hi John,

    One of the biggest challenges in moving from OnPrem to Online is with regards to the SSRS reports that were build out.

    Simple answer short: There is NO WAY to have SSRS reports in the Online version.

    So you are right in having to recreate your reports using the following two ways:

    1. Using the OOB Report Wizard. (Can handle only basic reporting scenarios)

    2. FetchXML Based reports (Supports advanced reporting scenarios, but not to the level of SSRS based reports)

    Pre Requisites for FetchXML Based Reports:

    1. BIDS extension for Visual Studio or SSDT

    2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report Authoring Extension (This helps to connect to Online CRM as a data-set)

    Once you have these set-up, the procedure is similar to the SSRS report development,
    the only difference being that your data-set is now CRM Online and instead of pasting queries, you need to use FetchXML.

    You can have multiple data-sets (aka multiple fetchXMLs returning data which you can use in your report)

    Here is a video highlighting the same:

    FetchXML based reports cannot fully replace the SSRS Reports. In case you need complex and more advanced reporting, PowerBI is the way to go.
    That is how Microsoft wants it.

    PS: Edit the fetchXML manually to retrieve value from entities which do not come up on the UI. (eg: Audit entity)

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    Thomas David Dayman Profile Picture
    Thomas David Dayman 11,319 on at
    RE: Possibilities of FetchXML based Report

    Hi John,

    Here is an example of creating a FetchXML Report in CRM -

    You would probably have to create your reports from scratch. FetchXML is quite limited but you will have all the functionality of the SSRS Designer.

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