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GP Freezes

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Hi All,
We are using Dynamics GP 2016 in terminal server and recently we upgraded the servers from 2012 to windows 2016.  After doing this users are experiencing GP freezing between 20-30 seconds to more than a min.  Have any of you experience this on Windows 2016 terminal server.  Please let me know any help on this.
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    BJ-09051414-0 133 on at
    GP Freezes
    Hey Babu,
    If you are still having issues, below is a similar post that might be helpful. It also has a troubleshooting checklist to help you rule possible causes.
    This article links to Redbeards checklist below.
    For me personally, the next thing I would do is below:
    1. Strip it all down to be just core GP.
      1. Easiest way to do this is method 3 of the KB below.
    Disable third-party products or temporarily disable additional products in the Dynamics.set file in Microsoft Dynamics GP - Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn
      1. Determine if it happens with a vanilla code folder. If it no longer does, then it is something with your install, customizations or third parties.
    1. If it still occurs, then I would install GP on a physical workstation that a user can connect to that is experiencing the issue to see if the issue still occurs.
      1. This helps to point to if the problem is with GP or with your terminal server.
    2. Next, I would disable any antivirus or firewall for a short time to see if this makes any difference.
      1. If you see a difference, then you can hone into this further and make exceptions for GP so these do not get flagged and checked to cause a delay.
    Microsoft Dynamics GP and virus scanning (
    1. Simple things that I assume you already checked.
      1. Noone using wifi.
      2. Networking cables are changed and tested.
      3. Different ports tested.
      4. Network ports check on machines and wall.
    2. Are your dictionaries shared?
    3. Do you have any SQL jobs that automatically run?
      1. Can you turn these off for a little bit and see if that makes a difference?
    It honestly sounds like disconnects to the terminal server as it does come back after a short time. This tells me that they may be suffering from disconnections from the terminal server which are then backgrounded for reconnections when the TS becomes available again. Common issue if the terminal server is not properly configured of if not using load balancing in the TS environment with a good amount of load.

    You could turn off the reconnect feature and see if it makes it not come back after the delay to determine if it is the TS or not.

    These are certainly tough issues to address. I highly suggest first determining if it is actually the TS or GP that is causing the problem. Easiest way to do this is install GP on a workstation and see if you can replicate it there. If not, likely your terminal server with the problem.

    You can always open a case with Microsoft for further assistance or reach out to your partner.

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you!

    Enavate Functional Consultant.

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    CU24050833-0 3 on at
    GP Freezes
    Thanks Judy and everyone on your reply.  I have tried what you suggested but no good of freezing issue.  All these days GP didnt have any problem and its started only after terminal server is upgraded from windows 2012 to windows 2016.  Just to clarify we have two terminal server(load balancing)  and terminal 1 is changed the registry as per your suggestion and no changes of freezing on server 1 and server 2 and the freezing will last for 3 min average 6 to 8 time a day and no specific process the user is doing it can be view to transaction or report.
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    ArthurA 321 on at
    GP Freezes
    Check the whitepaper, we had the same issues.

    It might relate to the FairShare settings on the terminal server. We had those issues with 2012, 2016 and 2019. Applying the changes mentioned resolved the issues.
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    BJ-09051414-0 133 on at
    GP Freezes
    Hey Babu,
    More information will be needed to assist with this issue:
    1. When is GP freezing?
      1. Is there a specific process?
      2. Is it when you first start GP?
      3. Is it when printing or windows loading?
        1. If window, what window(s)?
    2. Did anything else change except for the Operating System upgrade?
    3. Is it all users?
    4. Have the boxes been restarted since the upgrade?
    If it is when you first start GP, it could be Business Analyzer that is causing it. You can check the Customize Home Ribbon and see if Business Analyzer is on. If so, turn it off and see if the problem still occurs. Usually this is accompanied with multiple errors.
    If the users log onto GP directly without the Terminal Server, does the same issue occur?
    When this happens, are your resources maxed out in Task Manager? If so, could try adding more resources and see if this makes a difference.
    The best thing to do is startup a SQL Trace, Script Log and DexSQL.log to capture the processes that are hanging to see what is occurring during this process and follow the trail. If you are not able to do this, I would suggest reaching out to your partner for assistance.
    If it is a performance issue with the server, I would check the Event Viewer and see if it gives any insight.
    You can also review the performance articles below.
    I hope this helps!
    Enavate Functional Consultant.
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    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    GP Freezes
    Hi, there are many reasons due to GP Freezes, such as Incompatibilities with third-party add-ons or integrations. Inadequate system resources or performance issues. Potential corruption of user-specific settings or profiles. Issues with the installation or patches of Dynamics GP.
    Please check the MS document to troubleshoot in Dynamics GP:
    Best Regards,

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