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Posted on by 567
I have a strange question and trying to understand how ecommerce works. Do you have to have this setup in order to use POS?
for demo company?

Set up your e-commerce sites

There are three available e-commerce demo sites: Fabrikam, Adventure Works, and Adventure Works Business. Follow the steps below to configure each demo site.

  1. Sign in to site builder by using the URL that you made a note of when you initialized e-Commerce during provisioning (see Initialize e-Commerce).
  2. Select the site (Fabrikam, Adventure Works, or Adventure Works Business), to open the site setup dialog box.
  3. Select the domain that you entered when you initialized Commerce.
  4. In headquarters, select the preconfigured online store channel (Fabrikam extended online store, AW online store, or AW Business online store) that corresponds to the default channel.
  5. Select en-us as the default language.
  6. Configure the path fields. This can be left blank for a single site but will need to be configured if using the same domain name for multiple sites. For example, if the domain name is, you can use a blank path for Fabrikam (, and then use /aw/ for Adventure Works ( and /awbusiness/ for the Adventure Works business site (
  7. Select OK. The list of pages on the site appears.
  8. Optionally, repeat steps 2-7 to configure the other demo sites as needed
I have tried to use the POS but I cannot see inventory. I can lookup customers.
I know I am missing something but not sure what.
Any assistance is appreciated.
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    KateG 567 on at
    Thanks- This was helpful
  • Verified answer
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    S Gopi Krishna 185 on at
    If you are utilizing the Tier-1 demo environment to evaluate POS Features. You can activate POS from the following stores [SanFransico / Houston / Seattle] and these two channels are configured within the demo data by default.
    But If you choose to evaluate the D365 E-Commerce product within a demo environment. Make sure you have a Tier-2 environnment with the demo data and follow the above instructions that you've shared in the query.
    NOTE: It is not mandatory to setup E-Com to utilize the POS application. Unless if you really want to evaluate the Omnichannel experience of D365 Commerce.

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