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Help on return a value from Xrm.Internal.openDialog

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Hi everyone,

i'm using a 2016 on-premise dynamics crm and I want to open a popUp, select a value from a list and return it to the caller.

I can't use navigateTo and the only function that can return a value seems to be the (deprecated) openDialog.

I created 2 html web resources, one with a button that opens the second one.

Here is the code of the first page:

function Click() {
  var Entity = "calendar";
  var Select = "?$select=name";
  var Filter = "&$filter=type eq 1";
  var addParams;
  window.parent.Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords(Entity, Select + Filter).then(
    function success(result) {
      if (result != null && result.entities != null) {
        for (var i = 0; i < result.entities.length; i++) {
          if (i == 0)
            addParams= "Param="+result.entities[i].name;
            addParams+= "&Param="+result.entities[i].name;
      var DialogOption = new window.parent.Xrm.DialogOptions;
      DialogOption.width = 400; DialogOption.height = 400;
      var webresourceurl = "/WebResources/calendarPage?Data=" + encodeURIComponent(addParams);
      window.parent.Xrm.Internal.openDialog(webresourceurl, DialogOption, null, null,
        function (returnValue) { alert(returnValue); });
    function (error) {
      alert("error" + error.message);

Here is the code of the second page:

function getValue() {
  var ele = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
  var returnValue;
  for (i = 0; i < ele.length; i++) {
    if (ele[i].type == 'radio') {
      if (ele[i].checked) {
        alert(' Valore: ' + ele[i].value);
        sessionStorage.setItem('name', ele[i].value);
        returnValue = ele[i].value;

something like that:


The problem is that when the openDialog is hit, the page doesn't wait for the return value and fire the debugger right after it.

Can you help me?


  • Burg0 Profile Picture
    Burg0 5 on at
    RE: Help on return a value from Xrm.Internal.openDialog

    Hi partner,

    i've tried but nothing happens.

    Have you got some examples about how to do what i need?

    How can i return a selected value from a popUp in dynamics crm 2016 (eventually using only javascript) ?

    I've tried to insert another webresource in the same page that provide directly the calendars list and goes hide after save, filling a specified field, but the UI is not the best.


  • Suggested answer
    Sayen Zhang Profile Picture
    Sayen Zhang on at
    RE: Help on return a value from Xrm.Internal.openDialog

    Hi partner,

    Use Mscrm.Utilities.setReturnValue(returnValue) may work for sometime but will fail in future updates. I would suggest you update your code with the supported methods.

    Hope this link will help you: Mscrm.Utilities.setReturnValue() discrepancy in UCI and legacy application - Unified Interface Forum Community Forum (

    Best Regards,

    Sayen Zhang

  • Burg0 Profile Picture
    Burg0 5 on at
    RE: Help on return a value from Xrm.Internal.openDialog

    Hi Xavier,

    thanks for the reply.

    It's a callback, but there is not other code below that, only the debugger line that u see.

    And that alert is not hit by nothing.

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    RE: Help on return a value from Xrm.Internal.openDialog


    I believe that

    function (returnValue) { alert(returnValue); } 

    is a callback, so the rest of your code should be there.

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