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PO Status options

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Is there a way to /close/ a Purchase Order?  I want to have a Closed status for report filtering; seems like PO's just hang out there.  We are quite new to BC, but I cannot find anything on this other than the Archive or Delete option, (both of which I don't really understand).  I just need a Status that tells me its done and a way that the PO stays in BC history.  Thanks in advance.
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 60,087 Super User on at
    PO Status options
    Hi, In the Japanese localization package I was responsible for before, we used to customize this feature. Hopefully the information below can give you some tips.
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    TeddyH 12,731 Super User on at
    PO Status options
    There is no Close status.
    When a PO is fully received and invoiced, the PO gets automatically deleted.
    if you want to close without receiving and invoicing it, you can achieve it first before deleting it.
    You can also set it so the PO is automatically archived when it gets deleted.
    The Purchase Order is basically a list of outstanding PO.
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    Jun Wang 3,614 Super User on at
    PO Status options
    the standard way to close a purchase order is to fully receive and invoice it. Then BC will auto delete the PO from the list. 
    There would be cases where a PO hasn't been fully received or invoiced but you don't want to keep it. In such case, you could choose to archive it before deleting it.
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    gdrenteria 2,788 Super User on at
    PO Status options
    You can rely on the state released. Here information
    The document archive allows you to save several versions of the document and then recover it. You can automate the action or do it manually.
    The document can be deleted when you have not carried out any operation with the document, or when it has already been completely invoiced.
    I hope it helps you a little.
    Best regards

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