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Business Central - Slow Performance

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One of our client is using Business Central (GB Business Central 17.0) from last 2-3 days the system is working very slow, we either get the message of "working on it" else the page keeps reloading. Also it has been integrated with CRM and it is working fine.

is there any solution to improve the performance.



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    MahGah 15,409 on at
    RE: Business Central - Slow Performance

    We had this issue last year. it took lots email between Microsoft - Partner - us to finally Microsoft find the root cause if the issue. Seems like we had a "noisy neighbor" that uses lots of API and etc. They changed some settings and that helped us a lot. 

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    Fantastic 19 on at
    RE: Business Central - Slow Performance

    I've been receiving complaints from some users about increasing frequency of slowness from BC. Whenever they try to post anything. Sometimes the error "We could not update the data right now. Please try again later." Apparently this happens at anytime of the day (or so frequently as they haven't recognised a pattern. This doesn't seem to be user-specific. Did you figure out what was causing this?

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    THE Italian on at
    RE: Business Central - Slow Performance

    You might read all the performance tips and tricks here

    It is also warmly recommend to enable telemetries through azure application insight in order to analyzed telemetry data with an eye on performance driven traces.

    If you cannot make it with the documentaion and appinsights, if this is a SaaS environment, you might have your CSP Partner open a support request to Microsoft to troubleshoot the issue.

    Be sure to provide the tenant ID, environment name and date when this is started in your CSP Partner support request

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