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Scan sales order on POS

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Is it possible to scan a barcode on Invoice or sales order to find goods in POS?

What we do have is a pick up of goods at our "stores". Here we do not need a POS where goods are scanned and paid. What we would like to have is to scan an order or invoice barcode and get the customer to pay the invoice amount before picking up the goods

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    RE: Scan sales order on POS

    you can read more about it here:

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    RE: Scan sales order on POS

    If you are using version 10.0.15 or later you can turn on the new redesigned recall order feature and ensure the recall order operation is added to your POS screen layout.   When you open this new experience, it's listening for barcode scans, so simply scan a barcode and we will validate it against: sales order #, channel reference ID, and transaction ID fields to find a match.   The order that matches will appear on screen and the details panel at the side will show you all the products on the order.  From there you can jump into order fulfillment, editing, pickup or returns functions as needed.    Sounds like from here you would click "pick up' which would take you to the transaction cart where payment can be collected and pick up completed.

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    RE: Scan sales order on POS

    I think it is possible, the idea is  it is possible to find all the products based on invoice number or sales order number through call RTS, you can generate barcode based on sales order number and invoice number, and then scan it and call corresponding retail server API->RTS Api to get the order and then find all the order lines

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