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Bankstatement import (CAMT.053) rules

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We use CAMT.053-files to import our bankstatements on the page Bank/Giro Journal List (11402, List). After importing the statement, we have to manually assign information to each line, i.e.
- The type of account (G/L Account, Vendor, Customer etc.) + accountnumber
- The type of reconciliation (Payment, Invoice, Creditnote etc.)
- The description that will show in the ledger
- VAT-settings etc.
We found that assigning the correct IBAN to a customer, for example, helps Business Central recognize that the payment came from this customer.
In some cases (with both customers and vendors) the corresponding invoice is also recognized and reconciliated automatically.
We would like to assign more of those 'rules' to the import-process. I.e. if the description contains 'Name X' or the IBAN is XXX, this transaction is always assigned to G/L Account 1234 with description 'Payment from Name X'.
Is there any way to do this? Or do we need a 3rd party-integration? Thanks in advance!