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Reopening opportunities in a custom business process flow

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Hi everyone,

We have implemented a custom business process flow for opportunities and when we close and reopen those there are some inconsistencies. Maybe someone has ideas why this is happening.


I have made some database snapshots with a test scenario which is to be seen in the Action column.

On Row 4 we close the opportunity and then we reopen it which creates a NULL in stepname and comes with some, I guess, default values for salesstage and salesstagename which I suspect have something to do with the out-of-the-box opportunity process.

Any ideas would be welcome if this is fixable or just some not working correctly in general.

We have edited the global option set which is connected the stepnames.



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    RE: Reopening opportunities in a custom business process flow

    Hi Jackie,

    This issue has been successfully escalated to the product team and it will be fixed in one of the upcoming patches.



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    RE: Reopening opportunities in a custom business process flow

    Is this just for testing? Or do you plan on reopening opportunities often? If its the second... I wonder if you can set up some sort of workflow to make this change. So I'm thinking if its a new opportunity that is being closed as won for the first time, on status change, set a yes/no field to yes. Then when the status changes again AND this field is yes, go set the stage to whatever you want.

    For testing, I would set up a simple workflow where on status change, check the current stage and then set the process stage (I think thats one of the additional opportunity fields - its something like that). I would also let this run as an on demand workflow so you can bulk update your opportunities you are testing.

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