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Crystal Report - custom report - error - field name is not known

Posted on by 1,350

1. Just upgraded to SL2011 FP1,  2. Custom AP Edit Report (03810),  3. Print Preview results in error message:

Crystal Report Windows Forms Viewer - This field name is not known.  Details:  errorKind  Error in file 03810 {62E1DE95-319E-42E3-B58B-AC055D0D04BB}.rpt:  Error in formula Record_Selection:  '({vr_03810.cRI_ID}=4) AND (({jmt_vr_0310.batnbr} like '*31956*'))'  This field name is not known.  Details:  errorKind

Help!? :-)  Thanks!!  Dave

  • Mark Asmus Profile Picture
    Mark Asmus on at
    RE: Crystal Report - custom report - error - field name is not known


    What is the exact error you are now seeing?   And which report(s) are you seeing it on?    Usually the pre-processes are required, but sometimes all they are doing is filtering on RI_ID.   This becomes important if multiple users are running the report at the same time.   If you won't ever have multiple users running the report at the same time, sometimes you can get away without the preprocess.

  • AnitaG Profile Picture
    AnitaG 195 on at
    RE: Crystal Report - custom report - error - field name is not known

    Hi Carolyn,

    We are running into the same errors after upgrading from SL 7.0 to SL 2011. I've tried both of the possible fixes that you and Dave posted with no success. The custom reports do run if we remove the preprocessors from the reports in Report Control Maintenance.

    Are the preprocessors even necessary? I don't know what their exact function is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Tariq Aziz. Profile Picture
    Tariq Aziz. on at
    Re: Crystal Report - custom report - error - field name is not known

    Dear I also faced the same problem in multi-company environment some 6 months ago and got it resolved. Are you using dexterity code to display report??

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    Re: Crystal Report - custom report - error - field name is not known

    Your Posted by Carolyn Kolpien is perfectly clear. However, I have 13 companies in ONE Dyanamics GP. For example, they are named as ENT MNT GEC, etc....

    Currently my report is pointed to ENT, under property shows

    - database type: ODBC (RDO)

    - data source name: DynamicsGP

    - user ID: crystal

    After followed your steps 1 thru 10, updated, it still shows DynamicsGP as data source name and it still shows data from ENT company. How do i change to make it show data from MNT company? Both of them are under DynamicsGP data source name.

  • Re: Crystal Report - custom report - error - field name is not known

    Hi Dave,

    While I was sending my reply I see that you resolved it.  Thanks for posting your resolution.

  • Re: Crystal Report - custom report - error - field name is not known

    Hi Dave,

    Did you try setting the datasource location?  Reset the data source in Crystal Reports. To do this, follow these steps:

    1.  Open the Reprint Service Call Invoice in Crystal Reports.

    2.  On the Database menu, click Set Datasource Location .

    3.  In the Replace With box, expand Create New Connection , and then expand ODBC (RDO) .

    4.  Click your Microsoft Dynamics SL database, and then click Next .

    5.  Enter your log on information. Do not select the Trusted Connection check box.

    6.  Click Finish .

    7.  Click the database in the Replace With box. Then, click the database in the Current Data Source box.

    8.  Click Update .

    9.  If you have multiple databases in the Current Data Source box, repeat steps 8 and 9 for each database.

    10.  Click Save , and then exit Crystal Reports.

    Or can you give me a brief summary of what you customized.  Did you rename the report or give it a custom view?

  • Verified answer
    RedStorm Profile Picture
    RedStorm 1,350 on at
    Re: Crystal Report - custom report - error - field name is not known

    This was resolved by renaming the view in Crystal to match the report ID SL.  A new thing with SL2011 and the version of Crystal being used.  (The report above had been modified and was using a custom view.)  Read more below....

    Microsoft resolution:

    You indicated you were getting a crystal error when printing reports with non standard names like 08610EX.  On Crystal 2008 (released with SL 2011) field names have to be fully qualified (tablename.fieldname or view.fieldname).  This was not the case on Crystal X (SL 7.x) or Crystal 8.5 (SL 6.5).  On earlier versions of crystal, you could pass something to the report like “period_post >= ‘201205’”, or “ri_id = 5”.  You can’t do that with Crystal 2008.

    When we pass an RI_ID value to the report, we have to qualify it with the view name or table name, like “vr_08610EX.ri_id” or “vr_08620P.ri_id”. To do that, SL assumes that the report format and the view name are the same.  If the report format (in report control maintenance) is 08610SP, we assume the view name is vr_08610SP.  If the report format is 08610EX, we are going to assume the view name is vr_08610EX.

    So if the view name in your 08610EX report is something like vr_08610DP, you need to rename it to vr_08610EX.  To do that, open the report in Crystal, click Database > Database Expert.  In the list of ‘Selected Tables’, right click on the view name and select the rename option.  Then in this example, rename it to vr_08610ex.   You will need to do the same thing with any view based report that you have copied to a different name.  Whatever the report format is (the crystal report name minus the rpt extension), you need to rename the view to the same thing.

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