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IDMF and AX2012 R3

Posted on by 2,693

I have installed IDMF and have successfully scheduled a few archive jobs.  I am now attempting to point an AOS instance to the archive database to allow users to view the data.  I used an existing AOS instance that has the same kernel version and changed the database connection to the archive. The AOS fails to start.  The event log errors refer to the archive_model database, but no model database was created during the IDMF setup.  Did I miss a step during installation?  I can certainly replicate our production model database and name it accordingly, but I question if that is all that would be required.



  • lispyj Profile Picture
    lispyj 2,693 on at
    RE: IDMF and AX2012 R3

    Sorry, I don't recall the resolution for this issue.  It was a test feature that was never deployed live.


  • Evan Adamson Profile Picture
    Evan Adamson 105 on at
    RE: IDMF and AX2012 R3

    We are having the same issue. Were you able to figure out how to point your AOS to your archive database?

  • lispyj Profile Picture
    lispyj 2,693 on at
    RE: IDMF and AX2012 R3

    I downloaded the latest instance of IDMF from LCS and ran a fresh install, making sure to select AX2012 R3.  The installation created an archive database and an IDMF database, but no archive_model database, so I am still wondering what is wrong.

  • RamK Profile Picture
    RamK 2,580 on at
    RE: IDMF and AX2012 R3

    IDMF installation creates this database, Refer technet  Can you re-try the installation steps...?

  • lispyj Profile Picture
    lispyj 2,693 on at
    RE: IDMF and AX2012 R3

    The service accounts have access to the archive database, but the error refers to the archive_model database, which doesn't exist.  

    Dynamics  Server 01 Event ID 117:  The database reported Database MicrosoftDynamicsAX_archive_model does not exist.

    When and how does the archive_model database get created?

  • Umesh Pandit Profile Picture
    Umesh Pandit 9,033 User Group Leader on at
    RE: IDMF and AX2012 R3

    Hi Lisa,

    Please check the services account by which the early services where running has access in archive database.

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