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AL code not updating a field as I would expect it to

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Posted on by 755
I have a codeunit I created that when a Purchase document is /posted/, I want to have the posting description update based on the /Description/ in the first line of the Purchase Lines.  Everything seems to be correct on this, but it will not update the actual field. In the below code, I have the /Posting Description/ message twice, once before I try and change the value, and once after I set it, and the message is correct in both cases, (i.e. Order POXXXXX the first time, then /Utilities/ the second), but the field itself is not being updated. I have switched posting description to other fields (i.e. Vendor Shipment Number), but it does the same thing. What am I missing to have it actually update the field for me?
 [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Table, Database::/Purchase Header/, 'OnBeforeSendToPosting', '', true, true)]
    local procedure OnBeforeSendToPosting(var PurchaseHeader: Record /Purchase Header/)
     PurLine: Record /Purchase Line/;
            PurLine.SetRange(/Document No./, PurchaseHeader./No./);
            Message(PurchaseHeader./Posting Description/);
            PurchaseHeader./Posting Description/ := PurLine.Description;
            Message(PurchaseHeader./Posting Description/);
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    Community member 755 on at
    AL code not updating a field as I would expect it to
    I added PurchaseHeader.Modify(true); but it still did the same thing, I then added commit(); to see if that made a difference, but it still does the same thing.
    codeunit 50302 UpdatePurchaseHeader
        [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Table, Database::"Purchase Header", 'OnBeforeSendToPosting', '', true, true)]
        local procedure OnBeforeSendToPosting(var PurchaseHeader: Record "Purchase Header")
         PurLine: Record "Purchase Line";
                PurLine.SetRange("Document No.", PurchaseHeader."No.");
                Message(PurchaseHeader."Posting Description");
                PurchaseHeader."Posting Description" := PurLine.Description;
                Message(PurchaseHeader."Posting Description");
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    YUN ZHU 59,766 Super User on at
    AL code not updating a field as I would expect it to
    Hi, add a PurchaseHeader.Modify(true)?
    Hope this helps.

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