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Pooling (grouping, batching) of on-demand deliveries, just as it is in “Uber Eats Pool” and “Postmates Party”, for the businesses having (running) their own delivery fleets

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Hi to all,

Being a Google Cloud Technology (Build) Partner, we, as Internodz, are enabling delivery pooling for on-demand delivery operations just as “Uber Eats” and “Postmates” do through their internal services called “Uber Eats Pool” and “Postmates Party”.

According to this scenario, if an order is given on those two platforms above, the other customers on the route of the same order get a notification that their orders can be delivered without any “delivery fee” and with some advantages (discounts) on the “minimum order value” if they give their orders in 5 minutes after getting the notification.

This scenario accounts for 15% of Postmates’ total sales which also means 30% of their total deliveries turn into “multiple deliveries at one single shuttle”, while their main job is making on-demand single deliveries.

With a very similar approach, we, as Internodz, are also informing people on a route of a scheduled delivery in order to provide the same advantages -as mentioned above- to them, if the coordinates of the “store/shop/business/restaurant/grocery” and the “delivery point” are sent to our platform (solution).

If the user clicks on a notification, we forward him/her to the online sales channel of the relevant business (it can be the business’ own web page/mobile app or third-party online ordering platforms).

And if he/she gives his order on those online channels, we provide the optimized route information to the business with those additional sales (delivery points).

Based on the integration scenario above, since restaurants feedback us that they are so busy with their daily operations that they cannot manage (use) manually our solution, we are seeking for potential ways to integrate it with "Point of Sale (PoS)" systems in order to remove that manual workload.

Upon all those explanations above, we, as the team behind Internodz, just would like to know how we can integrate our solution with Microsoft Dynamics Commerce PoS (Point of Sale) Systems.

Would be so glad to get any feedback and/or comment in any possible way.

Thanks so much.


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