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Sales quotes layout - translations

Posted on by 27

I am making a template/layout for a sales quote where i will include a link for payment.

I am doing this with word, and i managed to create the layout with a link which works as expected.
But my customers can come from everywhere in the world, so i would like to have my url link display "Pay" in their langauge.

Is it possible to somehow create a field/mergefield and then make a translation for different languages, so my customers will get the "Pay" text based on their customer country settings?
I did try to read alot of documentation, and i would like to avoid having to install a app/re-invent the wheel, i can understand AL code by looking at it, but im not sure how i could do it with AL, if that's needed.

I know i could create a template for every language, but that's too redundant imo. 
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    Steven Renders Profile Picture
    Steven Renders 4,998 Super User on at
    Sales quotes layout - translations
    If you are a user in Business Central, you can create and edit layouts, but you can not modify the dataset, or add fields to the dataset. Translations come from the dataset, so a developer needs to add labels or captions in the dataset, and translate those in the translation file.
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 63,992 Super User on at
    Sales quotes layout - translations
    Just create a label in the report object and then use xlf file to translate it into different languages.
    More details: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: XLIFF translation files (Working with Translations)
    Hope this helps.
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    MS-27060033-0 Profile Picture
    MS-27060033-0 4 on at
    Sales quotes layout - translations
    Hi! You can do it in AL Code now for your reports, relatively new feature. 

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