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UOM meters and pieces

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D365 FinOps, how to handle this scenario :

i have 1 pcs of cable of 1000m in my stock, i sold 600m. it remains 400m in my stock.

then i bought again 1000m and sold from it also 600m.

my stock balance now shows 800m but i am not able to tell that it is 2 pcs of 400m.

What if client asks for 500meters in one piece.
how to solve this?

  • Hanna17 Profile Picture
    Hanna17 172 on at
    RE: UOM meters and pieces

    Yes. If you want to see on-hand for each roll, there should be a batch attached for each roll.

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    FinOps Profile Picture
    FinOps 20 on at
    RE: UOM meters and pieces

    Thank you, that is good solution for cables. So i need to create a batch for every roll of cables? correct?

    NOW the more interesting question

    What will be the solution for tubes (or iron rods). we buy 1000 iron rods,  each Rod have  a length of 6 meters.  

    while using it the factory we cut these rods, how can i track the remaining cuts.

    shall i create batch for every length (6m, 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m, 1m)  ?  if yes, how to manage and transfer quantities from batch to another.  ie if a rod length 5m i cutt from it 1 meter, the remaining is 4meters it should be moved to the batch of the 4m!!

    or there is another solution?

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    Hanna17 Profile Picture
    Hanna17 172 on at
    RE: UOM meters and pieces

    Hi FinOps!

    In your situation you need to use a Catch Weight Unit functionality.

    When you create a Released product you need to check the parameter "Catch weight", and after creating the product, to go to a Product details / tab "Manage inventory" and fill out values in fields: CW unit, Nominal quantity, Minimum quantity, Maximum quantity.

    And keep in mind that you will need to have tracking dimension group with active batch number to be able to see on-hand inventory in meters per each batch. In your example it will be 2 batch numbers, in the on-hand you will be able to see 2 lines: first line with first Batch number, quantity = 1, unit = ea, CW quantity = 400, CW unit = meter. And second line with second Batch number, quantity = 1, unit = ea, CW quantity = 400, CW unit = meter.

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