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Licence Plate Labels - Resource field blank when label generated at RAF

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Hi All,
On my current project, licence plate labels are being generated when reporting as finished on a production order.  The labels are being generated as expected, and can be found under Warehouse management > Enquiries and reports > Licence plate labels.  However, when I check the label information in this enquiries form, the General > Resource > Resource field is left blank.  My initial assumption was that this data would/should be pulled from the route on the production order, but the resource is specified on the route card and the route card journal is posted, so if my assumption was correct then the field should be populated with this data.  Does anybody know where this data is pulled from and how?
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    Licence Plate Labels - Resource field blank when label generated at RAF
    Thanks Laurens, you're correct, it does come from the resource table.  When I create and process a production order, the resource used for that production order could be specified in a number of different places such as:
    - On the route card of the production order
    - On the production order job, if using job scheduling
    - The mobile device user if linked to a worker that is also a resource (if using WHS)
    All three locations look up the resource table you've identified.
    I've tested licence plate label printing on RAF/finished goods put away whilst making sure a resource is specified in each of those three places, but the field on the licence plate label always stays blank.
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    Licence Plate Labels - Resource field blank when label generated at RAF
    Good day,
    It should be from the resource table:
    Best regards,
    Laurens van der Tang
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    Licence Plate Labels - Resource field blank when label generated at RAF
    You can refer to this official document: Routes and operations - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft LearnThis article provides information about routes and operations. A route defines the process for producing a product or product variant. It describes each step (operation) in the production process and the order that these steps must be performed in. For each step, the route also defines the required operations resources, the required setup time and run time, and how the cost should be calculated.
    Best regards,

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