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order history page filter changes with created date field not working

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I have added customize code to filter order history page data.

Above section i have added on order history page. I also changed call to SearchOrders api where i found filters for orders, using this method i am able to do order status and order number filter but order between date filter is not working, whenever i select date range it is returning false data instead of selected date range.
Below is code snippets for search order method call.

        const input = new GetFilteredSalesOrderHistoryWithHydrationsInput(this.paging, this.props.context.request.apiSettings,
            salesOrderSeachCriteria, this.orderHistory.nextPageToken);
            this.viewState.isLoading = true;
            const response = await getFilteredSalesOrderHistoryWithHydrationsActionDataAction(input, this.props.context.actionContext);
Need help on this issue.



  • RE: order history page filter changes with created date field not working

    Hi Sandeep,

    I didn't find getFilteredSalesOrderHistoryWithHydrationsActionDataAction in e-commerce SDK, can you please share the code for the same where it uses standard code?

    If it uses the standard action "getOrderShipmentsHistoryAsync" (retail server GetOrderShipmentsHistory API) then there are no such input criteria as a date range, order status, etc.

    It pulls all order shipments from the most recent to the oldest (fixed order) using server-driven pagination where Top is your page size, and NextPageToken is a token you receive from your first and consecutive calls and use to pass in order to receive the next page of data. 

    Also, I didn't find any retail server API that takes date range as a filtering criteria, which one do you use?


  • Charlotte X Profile Picture
    Charlotte X on at
    RE: order history page filter changes with created date field not working

    Hi Sandeep Tathe,

    Please wait for someone with development experience to answer this question.

    Best Regards,


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