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Is this possible to do in Navision 2018?

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One user brought up this suggestion, I would like to ask if its possible, even with development.

In Navision as you would know, when you alter any data in any page, the moment you close or exit, it will automatically saved.

If someone is not careful the data maybe accidentally corrected without knowing.

1. Is there a way where Navision will save the correction only if its been saved by the user?

2. Is there a way for Navision to prompt, if any alteration was being done, to confirm if user wants to save?

3. Let's say that the correction was being done accidentally. User would like to revert the correction to the original state but he/ she have no idea what being changed. Is there a way to do restore that page/data to original?

Thank you!

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    RE: Is this possible to do in Navision 2018?

    As Josh Anglesea said, we do not recommend the development that affects core actions of system.

    In addition to the approval feature, you can create your own Permission Set to manage the permissions that can modify the data. And you can also use the Change Log feature to record the modification history of key tables or key fields.

    Hope this will help.

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    RE: Is this possible to do in Navision 2018?

    I imagine a form of it could be achieved but it wouldn’t be cheap to do as your introducing something that isn’t native.

    The closest you have on master data would be to use the approval feature. It exists on customers, vendors and items. A user hits the send for approval and it is possible to revert the values changed back to the original if rejected. This is how we know it’s achievable. If you can narrow the scope to specific data then you could get the project off the ground

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