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Don't upgrade BC version

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We would like to keep the current BC version.
How to stop BC upgrade automatically?
 for example, BC currect version is 22.1.55890.56216  next version is 22.2.56969.57282 
** We don't upgrade to 22.2.56969.57282   How to setup?
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    NavNab 4 on at
    Don't upgrade BC version
    Go OnPrem and fully control your upgrades 😅
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    Don't upgrade BC version
    Hi, you can install a PTE that causes the upgrade to fail, which rolls back to the previous version when upgrading
    More details: How to make extension only install on lower version of BC
    But this cannot last forever. Microsoft has a T150 strategy. If the time limit is exceeded, these PTEs that cause the upgrade failure will be uninstalled and the environment will be forced to upgrade.
    Hope this info helps.
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    Mohana Yadav 50,341 Super User on at
    Don't upgrade BC version
    There is no setup to stop upgrading the environments on the BC Cloud.
    But the dirty trick is to implement a compilation bug that fails against the BC22.2 version so MS will not update until the next major release.
    You need to keep an eye on the MS notifications as MS will uninstall your app which is causing the issue and upgrade anyhow after the next major version release timeframe.

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