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currency calculations

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A customer has asked about the calculations used on the Detail GL - MC version because it appears incorrect when compared to the Currency Rate Maintenance by Date screen.

The transactions in question were entered in USD in a database whose base currency is CAD.  The module = IN and the transaction type = BI.  (I don't know what kind of transaction this is.  The help contains no BI transaction type for the inventory module - I'm looking at intran.trantype schema.)

The transaction amount in Base currency is $8199.80, and in USD is $8578.99. The dates are 10/8 and 10/19.

The currency rates from 9/30 would have been in effect.  They use AVG rate type, and that is the only kind of rates I see in the Currency Rate Maintenance by Date screen.

They look like: USD to CAD multiply by by 1.008 and CAD to USD multiply by .992800.

When I do the calculations I get $8140.76 in USD not $8578.99.

Where else can the translated amount be coming from? 

Thank you!

Laura Barber


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    Re: currency calculations

    Have figured out this is a Flexible Billings Invoice.  The Invoice Date and Deposit Date are both 10/31/2012.  The Invoice was entered 10/18/2012.  on 10/18/2012, the 10/31/2012 AVG currency rate had not yet been entered.

    The 9/30 rate was 1.008 and the 10/31 rate entered on 11/1/2012 was 1.005.

    The GL Detail report is using 1.046.  Where is this coming from?

    Thank you!


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