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Duplicate GL Entry

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I am look for a recommendation on how to handle a duplicate entry in our company's GL.   We have a receipt that is showing twice in the Receipts Inquiry and in the Item Stock Inquiry.   However when I query the database for this receipt it only appears once in the POP30000, POP30310, and POP10500.  I do see the receipt number referenced in the GL20000 under 2 separate journal entry numbers.   This is causing stock levels to be off.   Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Duplicate GL Entry

    Thank you Leslie and Victoria for your responses.  It is much appreciated.

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    Victoria Yudin 22,766 on at
    RE: Duplicate GL Entry

    I have seen this happen in the past where some POP transactions get posted twice to both inventory and the GL. This usually happens when there is a posting glitch in POP. It has been a very long time since anyone has reported this so I am not recalling the exact details of the situation, but I seem to recall that it wasn't something we could duplicate at will to be able to further troubleshoot.

    In this case it sounds like the best fix for this would be to enter an inventory transaction with a negative adjustment for the items that were "double received". Once you post that, it should update the inventory subledger and GL.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Duplicate GL Entry

    Yes it is showing up twice in the IV10200 as well.

    They say it is too high because if you look at Inventory > Inquiry > Item Stock or Financial > Inquiry > Detail you can see the transaction in there 2 times.

    I ran checklinks and reconcile last night with no change.

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    L Vail 65,269 on at
    RE: Duplicate GL Entry

    If the stock status and the GL are too high - what are they being compared to? What about the quantities? On what basis are they saying it's too high? So your two journal entries say they each came from the same originating document number? Did it post twice to the IV10200 (purchase receipts) table?

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    RE: Duplicate GL Entry

    Hi Leslie,

    Thank you for your quick response.

    My apologies I meant the POP30300 as the first table.   There is 1 record in the header, line, and details tables for the receipt.

    I am being told the GL and the stock status are too high.

    When I run your query with the 2 journal entry numbers all of the columns are the exact same except for the following which repeat for the 3 lines in each entry.   Please see below


    2521746 31 49152 0.00 974.76
    2521746 542 16384 926.69 0.00
    2521746 621 32768 38.07 0.00
    2521880 31 49152 0.00 974.76
    2521880 542 16384 926.69 0.00
    2521880 621 32768 38.07 0.00
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    L Vail 65,269 on at
    RE: Duplicate GL Entry

    Hi Steven,

    I'm a bit confused. The tables you are referencing are:

    POP30000 = Purchasing Batch History

    POP30310 = Receipt Line History

    GL20000 = YTD Transaction Entry

    You speak of a duplicate entry in your company's GL. That would  be in the GL20000, and you say that you see two separate journal entry numbers. On those two JE numbers, when you compare the following fields, is the data different? To start, I guess I would compare those two JEs and see what's different between them. I'd probably run a query like this:


















    FROM GL20000

    WHERE JRNENTRY in ('1stJEnum', '2ndJEnum')

    You say your stock levels are off. What's wrong? Is the balance in the GL too high vs the stock status? Looking at those two GL entries would be the place I'd start and then I'd follow them back through the database to find out where they came from.

    Kind regards,


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