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Missing WorkFlow history

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Posted on by 775

Our client activated WorkFlow for Journal Entry batches last year and we are finding no audit trail in the GP user interface for the approval. I was expecting to be able to open the Journal Entry inquiry window, choose the journal entry and see the WorkFlow icon active. This works in some cases but not all.

I've confirm it was approved because I can see the raw data in sql table WFI10002.

Any ideas?

  • RE: Missing WorkFlow history

    Thanks for the update......

    With the GL Batch workflow, when the workflow is approved, final approved, etc., if you pull up the journal entry in the Journal Entry Inquiry window, then click the View History menu option for workflow in that inquiry window, does the Workflow History window show a record(s) for the workflow being originated/submitted, then the different steps in the workflow whether needing action or not, then a Final Approve record for when the workflow was completed?

    If not or if it only shows correctly some of the time, if you look in the WF30100 table, do you see the records for the workflow showing correctly in that table, such as a 'Workflow Originated' record (Workflow_Action = 1) and records for workflow steps, as well as records for when the workflow is completed/final approved (Workflow_Action = 10)?

    I ask as we've seen and have a documented issue where the Workflow History window will show some but not all of the steps, but it omits other steps that require approval, even though the WF30100 table shows the records correctly.

    Also, on Dynamics GP 2018 R2, if you browse to Report > Company > Workflow History and pull the Workflow Transaction History Detail report , it does show the history/workflow steps correctly.

    Something else that may work to get this type of information, is the following script:

    select WFI10002.Workflow_Type_Name as Workflow,

           WFI10002.WfBusObjKey as Document,

           WFI10002.Workflow_Originator as Originator,

           WF30100.Workflow_History_User as 'Final Approver',

           convert(varchar, WF30100.Workflow_Completion_Date, 101)  as 'Approval Date',

           convert(varchar(30), WF30100.Workflow_Completion_Time, 8)  as 'Approval Time'

    from WF30100 join WFI10002 on WFI10002.WorkflowInstanceID = WF30100.WorkflowInstanceID

    where  Workflow_Action = '10' and Workflow_Type_Name = 'General Ledger Batch Approval'

    This script will show the GL batch workflows, document number information, originator and final approver and date/time.

    The script is part of the following blog:

    Microsoft Dynamics GP SQL Views for SmartList Designer to Enhance Reporting

    **NOTE: The GP SQL View Living Document link on this blog, is temporary down while CustomerSource and PartnerSource are being worked on, but the script for the GL Batch workflow is above.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you,

  • Bob Callanan Profile Picture
    Bob Callanan 775 on at
    RE: Missing WorkFlow history


    The GJ Batch workflow is based on the Batch ID. For example if the Batch ID is "PAYROLL" then WorkFlow emails the HR manager to approve. Once the HR Manager approves, Finance can post the batch. (They don't use GP payroll so these are GJ entries only) We've turned off all transaction level posting.  We can clearly see that the WorkFlow is working because we've located the emails in each users Outlook.

    What's missing is evidence of the HR Manager approval from the GJ entry inquiry window - or any window in GP.

  • RE: Missing WorkFlow history

    With GL batches, we don't track a user id if they are entered directly in GL, so if the workflow is based on the user id field, it will be blank for those transactions and you wouldn't be able to use as a workflow condition for approval.

    Let me know if this is what you're referring to, or not...…..

    Thank you.

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