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Add an Email body from Report Selection Email body to Email Job Queue

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I have created a new report that is sent as an email as soon as a Cash Receipt Journal has been posted. 
The Customer asked us to add an email body that come from a word report layout. 
I will attach a snippet of my code that is responsible for sending the email. 

Question: How do I replace the email body to be retrieved from a Report Layout instead of hardcoded HTML code?

 [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Codeunit, Codeunit::"Gen. Jnl.-Post Line", 'OnAfterRunWithoutCheck', '', false, false)]
    local procedure OnAfterRunWithoutCheck(var GenJnlLine: Record "Gen. Journal Line")
        Email: Codeunit Email;
        EmailMessage: Codeunit "Email Message";
        AttachmentInstream: InStream;
        ReportSelection: record "Report Selections";
        IntDocHeader: Record "Int Document Header";
        SalesOrder: Record "Sales Header";
        ReportSelectionCustomerRcpt: Record "Report Selections";
        AttachmentTempBlob: Codeunit "Temp Blob";
        ServerAttachmentFilePath: Text[250];
        ReportSelectionUsage: Enum "Report Selection Usage";
        RecVar: Variant;
        RecordRf: RecordRef;
        ToEmailAddress: Text[250];
        ToEmailSubject: Text[250];
        ToEmailBody: Text[250];
        //Convert Quote to Order
        SalesQuote: Record "Sales Header";
        SalesQuoteToOrder: Codeunit "Sales-Quote to Order";
        APIManagement: Codeunit "BWA API Management";
        UtopiaAPISetup: Record UtopiaAPISetup;
        //Convert Quote to Order
        Customer: Record customer;
        IntBusinessProcess: Codeunit "Int Business Process";
        CustomerLedgEntries: Record "Cust. Ledger Entry";
                //Dummy report to print, to update when new report is ready.
                ToEmailAddress := ReportSelection.GetEmailAddressExt(ReportSelectionUsage::"Customer payment receipt".AsInteger(), RecordRf, GenJnlLine."Account No.", ReportSelectionCustomerRcpt);
                ToEmailBody := 'Dear Customer, please find attached an acknowledgment of payment receipt';
                if ToEmailAddress <> '' then begin
                    ToEmailSubject := GenJnlLine."Account No." + ' - ' + GenJnlLine.UtopianJobDocNo + ' - ' + FORMAT(ReportSelectionUsage::"Customer payment receipt");
                    ReportSelection.BWAGetPdfReportForCust(AttachmentTempBlob, ReportSelectionUsage::"Customer payment receipt", RecordRf, GenJnlLine."Account No.");
                    EmailMessage.Create(ToEmailAddress, ToEmailSubject, ToEmailBody);
                    EmailMessage.AddAttachment('Payment Receipt.pdf', 'pdf', AttachmentInstream);
                    Email.Send(EmailMessage, Enum::"Email Scenario"::"Customer payment receipt");
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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Add an Email body from Report Selection Email body to Email Job Queue


    We currently do not have dedicated Dev support via the Dynamics 365 Business Central forums, but I wanted to provide you some additional resources to assist. If you need assistance with debugging or coding I would recommend discussing this on one of our communities.

    I will open this up to the community in case they have something to add.


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