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OCR - AI Builder - Power Automate - Business Central

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I know in theory anything is possible. But how about practically? I wonder if anyone successfully build AI Builder or any OCR then use Power Automate to push the data back to Business Central? 

For example can we ask vendor to send the invoice to specific email. Then use AI builder to extract data, then use power automate to match the data with record in BC (purchase order) then create invoice if all is matching? 

Or can customer send Purchase Order to an email then through AI Builder , Power Automate we create sales order in Business Central? 


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    MahGah 15,409 on at
    RE: OCR - AI Builder - Power Automate - Business Central

    Thank you Daniele and Mr Zhu for valuable information

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    YUN ZHU 63,857 Super User on at
    RE: OCR - AI Builder - Power Automate - Business Central

    Hi, For OCR, there is a standard OCR function in BC.


    For AI Builder, from the past, Microsoft has a free extension that can easily analyze pictures.

    The above two functions do not need to be customized, nor do you need Power Automate, I hope it can give you some tips.



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    DAnny3211 9,184 Super User on at
    RE: OCR - AI Builder - Power Automate - Business Central


    yes it is possible

    I enclose an example on my post made to read a customer's data from a room and enter it into BC via power automate and ai builder

    hope it can be useful to you

    check my answer if it helped you, thanks


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