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IWs can use copilot

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We have active IWs BC licenses, and we are trying to activate the Copilot functionality and we cannot.
Is this service only available in the paid licenses

  • Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    IWs can use copilot
    Hi, I have searched some clarification for copilot in business central: Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 Business Central is included in Business Central Essentials and Premium licenses at no extra cost currently.
    The reference link:
    Hope it helps.
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 60,993 Super User on at
    IWs can use copilot
    Hi, Yes, the following tests are all done using IWs.
    Business Central 2024 wave 1 (BC24): Chat with Copilot
    Business Central 2024 wave 1 (BC24): Ask Copilot for help with fields
    Business Central 2024 wave 1 (BC24): Get to insights fast with Copilot-created analysis tabs (Analysis mode)
    Business Central 2024 wave 1 (BC24): Create sales lines easily with Copilot (Suggest sales lines)
    Hope this helps.
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 4,637 Super User on at
    IWs can use copilot
    I can confirm it works for me in an environment with IWs licensing. 
  • IWs can use copilot
    Hello @Saurav.Dhyani 
    we have the 24 preview version, and we capo access to copilot, in version 23.1 we worked and now not. 
    Would you know why?
    thank you for answering my question.
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    Saurav.Dhyani Profile Picture
    Saurav.Dhyani 10,333 User Group Leader on at
    IWs can use copilot
    Microsoft copilot capabilities are enabled by default on all tenants in SaaS.
    You can check status using Page - Copilot & AI capabilities in business central 2024 release Wave 1.
    Saurav Dhyani

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