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System Message 10050

Posted on by 430

Hi All,

I am currently upgrade fom SL 7 FP1 to SL 2018 CU1, but when i try to open some screen appears this message

in other post

says that we have to import DH files but i do not know how to do it.

Can some one help me please.


  • CFROTON Profile Picture
    CFROTON 4,710 on at
    RE: System Message 10050


    So the error you are getting is System Message 10050 the application specified size of record intran (1110) does not match the database declared size (1038). (per the prior community link you included in your initial post).

    If you are seeing this issue in standard, please make sure you are selecting the Exclude Event Code when testing in standard mode. After the upgrade the standard screen should launch without an issue or need for the INTRAN DH file to be re-imported.

    It is not clear what the customization are on the screen you are seeing this issue in. Are other customized screen loading without error? Is there a custom app, object or table trying to load with this screen?

    Thank you,


    MSDSL Technical Support

  • manuel vela Profile Picture
    manuel vela 430 on at
    RE: System Message 10050

    Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for your suggest, i did what you mention, delete customization - import customization, but the error continue even in standard mode

    then i tried to open the screen in Visual Basic 2012 but still the message error. :(

    any other option?


  • Suggested answer
    CFROTON Profile Picture
    CFROTON 4,710 on at
    RE: System Message 10050

    Good day Manuel -

    Thank you for posting to the community forum for this issue.

    In support when upgrading from an older version of SL to a current one, with customization, we suggest to run the Export Customization process from your older version of SL (in your case 7 FP1), then before running the upgrade to 2018 CU1, delete the customization from the database. Once the database is upgraded, import the customization that were exported earlier.   In most cases the import process will update the VBA changes from the old screen structure/code to the new version.

    For steps on importing the DH files, you can reference the Customization Manager User Guide. Here is an excerpt from mine:

    To include an SQL table not already accessed by a screen:

    Regardless of whether an SQL table is new (one created by you) or an existing Microsoft Dynamics SL SQL table, if it is an additional table not accessed by the screen to be customized, you must access the table manually and update it by entering Visual Basic for Applications statements within the Customization Manager module’s Visual Basic Editor(VBA IDE) Window.

    You must define the SQL table using the Visual Basic for Applications code Type command. This definition is usually in a separate file that is then copied to the Microsoft Dynamics SL Programs directory. For Visual Basic for Applications, the file will need to be added to the project in the VBA IDE. Select File | Import File from the VBA IDE menu with the modules selected to add a DH file.

        1. In the Form1 Load event (under Event), there must be a Setaddr call and a Sqlcursor call for each new record to be accessed. For example:

            Call Setaddr(“bfilename”, bfilename, nfilename,


            Call Sqlcursor(c1, NOLEVEL)

        2. Once these calls have been made, the Customization Manager module recognizes these records as being part of the current screen and allows you to add data objects associated with these objects.

    I hope this is what you are looking for.

    Thank you,


    MSDSL Technical Support

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