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Workflow creation of Case fails because case is missing customer after 2016 upgrade

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

We have several processes that create cases for our users via workflows. In 2015 I was able to set the customer value using a dynamic slug within the workflow at the case creation. After our on premise upgrade to 2016 sp1 there is now a new field on the case entity called customer that doesn't give me any options to get into the details of the field to turn required off. Has anyone else come across this? If so how did you resolve the issue for setting the customer dynamically.

Thanks! Jenn

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    RE: Workflow creation of Case fails because case is missing customer after 2016 upgrade

    Unfortunately this does not resolve the issue. Creating the 1:N relationship causes the field to populate with a mapping to the account record. It is this very system mapping that we are trying get rid of or overwrite. We can write javascript to clear the value that is coming through but can not create a new mapping to the field because the field we need to map to is already in use. Therefore we were going down the avenue of javascript to pull the value from the account to the opportunity but I can not seem to get from the opportunity to the account to the value of a field on the account via the relationship of potential account.

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    RE: Workflow creation of Case fails because case is missing customer after 2016 upgrade

    Hi Jennifer, The Customer lookup can be either Account or Account. The Customer Field on the Contact is usually used to Identify the Parent Account of the Contcat so this will make it difficult to perform the operations on Contacts.

    One Work around is to Create a Custom lookup to Account on the Contact Entity called new_parentAccount and Add it to the 1:N Relationship Mapping on the Account, allowing this lookup to be used instead of the Customer lookup which has the limitations.

    Best Wishes, Raz

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