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Missing unit of measure in order import using shopify connector

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Hi all,

Hope that someone can help my company with this issue. 

We are using the native Shopify connector to Business central. When we import orders from shopify, the column 'unit of measure' is not filled automatically. This item (an all other items) have this column filled on the Business Central item card. We have also mapped all products from shopify to business central.

What can we do to solve tbhis, so unit of measure is filled automatically?

I have attached a screenshot of the issue


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    BC MJ NC 10 on at
    RE: Missing unit of measure in order import using shopify connector

    Yes we found how to solve the issue. You simply need to open Item Cards and add a value in the field "Sales Unit of Measure".

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    jh89 5 on at
    RE: Missing unit of measure in order import using shopify connector

    Hi, may I ask if you could solve this issue? We are facing exactly the same problem. We are mapping from shopify to bc, however, uom is a mandatory field when importing orders. I'm wondering how the bc developers could forget about this when building the integration. I figured out, that unit of measure is filled, when the product was originally sync'ed from bc to shopify. However, having uom as a variant in shopify doensn't seem to be an ideal approach to me. I our case, we already need the three variant options in shopify, so can't even use this feature for uom. Pls let me know, how you solved this. Many thanks!

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    RE: Missing unit of measure in order import using shopify connector

    I would refer to your CSP Partner or reseller for further troubleshooting and debug.

    Proactively, I have posted below a link for the most useful resources

    Useful resources for Shopify connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


    Product Help

    The functionality in the default version of Business Central is described on the site. In the Shopify section, you find descriptions of processes such as synchronizing products and orders, and conceptual information about mapping of various entities.

    Also have a look at FAQ or collection of walkthroughs (how-to).


    Microsoft Partner

    Your Microsoft partner is a valuable resource.

    If you don’t have one yet, you can easily search for consulting services offerings for solutions based on Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify that are available near you.

    You can also use Contact a Microsoft partner form.


    Business Central communities

    On the Business Central Community site, you have access to the Business Central Forum. You can use this forum to submit a question and learn from other Business Central community members. MVPs, partners, and Microsoft employees participate in the conversations.


    Suggest new features and capabilities

    On the Dynamics 365 Ideas site, you can provide suggestions for new feature and capabilities. Your input goes directly to Business Central's engineering backlog for investigation and prioritization.

    Make sure that you search through the list of submitted suggestions. Chances are that someone already submitted something similar, and that entry might have already received votes. Vote if an idea already has been submitted to get it prioritized on the engineering backlog.


    Where to file bugs and issues (for partners)

    If you are Microsoft partner, you can submit support request on behalf of your Business Central online customers. Start at the Business Central administration center where you can easily submit a support request in the Power Platform admin center.

    To submit support requests on behalf of your customer, you must be a delegated admin on the customer tenant. Your company must also have the Advanced or Premier support plan.


    Engage with us on GitHub (for developers)

    GitHub brings together communities of developers and other contributors to discover, share, and build software. You can find the source code for Shopify Connector in the Microsoft AL application add-ons repository. You can grab the code and contribute to the Shopify Connector.

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