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Issue in typing search field.

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In Business Central I'm having a lot of trouble typing into the search bars; characters that I input are deleted and there's a lot of lag, this has been going on over the last week or two. This issue is only present in Business Central and makes it pretty difficult to use.
  • Issue in typing search field.
    We are experiencing the same issue detailed in the original post.
    Are there any news on the timeline as to when to expect a fix? Has anyone found a workaround?

  • Verified answer
    jonwei Profile Picture
    jonwei 45 on at
    Issue in typing search field.
    I recently found this post on the Microsoft's admin center. I thought I would post it here so everyone is aware of MS's timeline.
    The ticket currently states a fix will be out sometime in Q1 2024 in build 23.0.14761.0 (emphasis on the minor version of .14761, showing it's still a ways out).
    Feel free to contact Microsoft and reference the Issue ID number (see screenshot below) if you have further questions or would like an updated timeline.
    I know from our perspective, we feel this issue merits more urgency as it's significantly impacting the usability of the product.
  • Issue in typing search field.
    We have exactly the same issues. 
    Any news yet on when this issue will be resolved 
    Cant seem to find any feedback on this 
  • TessaCaldarella Profile Picture
    TessaCaldarella 25 on at
    Issue in typing search field.
    I updated our sandbox to the current version 23.2.14098.14274 and text entered into the search box is still disappearing.  We are going on 4 weeks with this issue. Our users are extremely frustrated and are having a difficult time working.  Does anyone know if Microsoft has identified this as an issue that needs to be fixed ASAP?  
  • jonwei Profile Picture
    jonwei 45 on at
    Issue in typing search field.
    Hello all,
    We are still on 23.1.13431.13546 but have noticed that December's hot-fix hasn't fixed the issue for us.
    Something I was able to identify this morning:
    - We're noticing that if the user has a slower internet connection, the search overwrite error is worse. If the user has a faster internet speed, the issue is less likely to happen.
    - This can be tested by inspecting element in your browser and artificially "throttling" your internet connection to Slow or Fast 3G and it will reliably recreate the search bug, in my experience. See screenshot below for how to do this in Chrome.
    Does anyone else have this experience as well? Our users are getting desperate!
  • Fabio Nettis Profile Picture
    Fabio Nettis 13 on at
    Issue in typing search field.
    We have a deployment in Switzerland and we are having the same issue since we updated to 23.0.
    We have updated a sandbox to versions 23.1 and 23.2, but to no avail. The issues still persists. This issues prevents us from working efficiently as we rely heavily on the search to filter through our huge product assortment. 

    Update: We have a really fast internet connection, and the issue is still happening so I highly doubt this is "better" then with slower internet speeds.
  • Issue in typing search field.
    same problem in 23.1, the list type pages are deleted what you write
  • Ulf Profile Picture
    Ulf 4 on at
    Issue in typing search field.
    I've just noticed, that this behaviour appears primarily when typing numbers or special characters. This may not help at the moment, but maybe you can confirm.
  • Issue in typing search field.
    We also have multiple customer experiencing this issue since version 23.1 has rolled out. Please advise.
  • TessaCaldarella Profile Picture
    TessaCaldarella 25 on at
    Issue in typing search field.
    We are having the same issue. It is slowing down our sales process and costing us money. We are on Version 23.1

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