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Problem with general journals

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Good morning,
I've found a bug, when I try to open a journal from the main page (ex. Finance -> General Journal) the page freezes and keeps loading (when selecting between general journal templates)
- If I only try to access once, I get the general journal as usual, but if I try to access a second time I get the error. (It also happens on other journals like cash receipt journal)
-If I access from the role explorer it seems to be working fine.
Does anyone know why is this happening and how can I fix it?
My current version is:
I've also tried on a version with no customized extensions.
Thanks in advance!
  • Problem with general journals
    We are experiencing the same problem both at a customer and in our own test environments. 
    It seems only to happen if you have 2 or more Journal Templates with the same Type - eg. Generel. The problem is on the page where you can select between General Journal Templates as shown in the original post.
  • Problem with general journals
    Good morning and thank you for your answers,
    Judy, I'm using a paid environment and I've tried both on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and I get the same error.
    Yun Zhu, let me show you an example of the problem. I stopped recording but it keeps on loading and I get the "Working on it..." message that never goes away until I reload the page. 
    I'll take your advice and also submit the issue to Microsoft.
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    Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    Problem with general journals
    Hi, I have tested on my demo environment, I cannot reproduce the issue.
    What the environment type that the issue has occurred? What the browser did you use? 
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 64,237 Super User on at
    Problem with general journals
    I tried it in both BC23.5 and BC24.0 and didn't encounter your problem.
    If this is a paid environment, it is recommended to submit this issue to Microsoft.
    Hope this helps.

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