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How to get value of date only field . (11/1/2022)

Posted on by 35

I'm getting this error while applied java script on getting month and year from date only field.

Value should be of type: Date: Parameter Name: value

please help me to resolve this.

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    Mohamed GRAIB Profile Picture
    Mohamed GRAIB 2,496 Super User on at
    RE: How to get value of date only field . (11/1/2022)

    Hi Diksha,

    Please try this function,

    function getDateField(e){

       // Get the Form Context

       var formContext = e.getFormContext();

       // Get the value of the Opportunity Est. Close Date

       var date = formContext.getAttribute("estimatedclosedate").getValue();

       if (date != null) {

           var day = date.getDate();

           var month = date.getMonth();

           var year = date.getFullYear();


           // Add leading 0's to single digit days and months

           if (day < 10) {day = "0" + day;}

           if (month < 10) {month = "0" + month;}

           // Create a variable with the formatted date as MM/DD/YYYY

           var formattedDate = month + "/" + day + "/" + year;

           // Create a variable with the formatted date as DD/MM/YYYY

           //var formattedDate = date + "/" + month + "/" + year;



    Please mark the answer as verified if that's resolve your problem.

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    Abdul Wahab Profile Picture
    Abdul Wahab 12,068 Super User on at
    RE: How to get value of date only field . (11/1/2022)

    Hi Diksha Kanwar,

    What code you are using right now to get the value? can you please share it?

    If I answer your question then please mark it as verified.

    Let me know if I can provide you with more details.


    Abdul Wahab
    Power Platform/Customer Engagement Developer/Lead/Solution Architecture/Project Manager
    Skype: abdul.wahabubit

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