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Raising a technical support ticket with Microsoft

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Hi all,

To seek support for a technical issue (client user login issue), I need to raise a technical support ticket to Microsoft.

We are partners to Microsoft (MPN) but do not have a support contract (and therefore no contract ID).

Is it possible to raise a ticket to Microsoft in any other way?

Requesting your suggestions/guidance for the below queries:

(1) Is is possible to pay for a single incident and raise a ticket to Microsoft?

(2) I heard that Microsoft action plan renewal will help. But in the benefits of Microsoft action plan I do not see either AX or NAV listed , so with Microsoft action plan , is it possible to raise a technical support ticket to Microsoft?

(3) How much does purchasing a single incident cost?

(4) How much would Microsoft action plan cost?

(5) Can the client, directly raise a technical support ticket to Microsoft ? Is that possible?

Thank you very much for the support in advance.



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    Katrin Kinau Profile Picture
    Katrin Kinau on at
    RE: Raising a technical support ticket with Microsoft


    Please see more information here:

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    projectaccting20 147 on at
    RE: Raising a technical support ticket with Microsoft

    Hi Sriram

    I had the same issue but found that I can log a ticket (without, seemingly, having to pay for it) through the Partner Admin Centre.  I clicked on the Support link at the bottom of the left hand side menu and could choose all the various things related to Business Central, and it got to the correct team who responded really quickly.  Hopefully this works for you too!



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