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Odata ?$select=""&$filter - How to work with or operator?

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Hello all & Happy Friday,

I'm trying to append an OR operator to this working JS and cannot find many examples in D365 online.


and using error checking from Visual studio code I've gone from:


Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords("red_subjectivity""?$select=red_name&$filter=_red_binder_value eq " + recordId).then(


Not Working: 
Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords("red_subjectivity""?$select=red_name&$filter=_red_binder_value eq " + recordId + or ('red_status eq') ("283390001")).then(

Objective: To add an OR statement for the record status eq to "283390001"

Thanks for all your help and guidance on the matter. :)
  • Ky0l Profile Picture
    Ky0l 10 on at
    RE: Odata ?$select=""&$filter - How to work with or operator?

       Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords("red_subjectivity", "?$select=red_name,red_status&$filter=_red_binder_value eq " + recordId).then(

           function success(result) {

               var subgridLength = result.entities.length;

               if (subgridLength == 0) {

                   if (formContext.getControl('red_status') != null)

                   formContext.getControl('red_status').removeOption(283390002); //Hide "Approved with Subjectivities" value


               else if (subgridLength > 0) {

                   for (var i = 0; i < subgridLength; i++) {

                       if (result.entities[i]["red_status"] != 283390001 && formContext.getControl('red_status') != null) {

                           formContext.getControl('red_status').removeOption(283390003); //Hide "Approved" value





           function (error) {






  • Ky0l Profile Picture
    Ky0l 10 on at
    RE: Odata ?$select=""&$filter - How to work with or operator?

    Didn't quite work, however a consultant is looking at it tomorrow and will post the results. :)

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    PabloCRP Profile Picture
    PabloCRP 1,086 on at
    RE: Odata ?$select=""&$filter - How to work with or operator?


    try like this

    "?$select=red_name&$filter=(_red_binder_value eq "   recordId  " or red_status eq 283390001)"

    if red_status is a string value then surround '283390001' if it's a number value then let it as example above.

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    RE: Odata ?$select=""&$filter - How to work with or operator?

    Hello KyOl, 

    I hope you are doing well. 

    I believe that this 3rd party tool named FetchXml Builder can help to to perform it into XRMToolBox that you can see more details here 

    Also you can work with CRM Rest Builder solution 

    Kind Regards, 

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