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Preventing Users from Changing Profile (Roles)

Posted on by 45
Is there a way to stop users from changing their roles (profiles) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? I want to make sure users can't switch to different roles on their own. Any tips on how to do this would be great.
Thanks in advance!
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 62,529 Super User on at
    Preventing Users from Changing Profile (Roles)
    Another simple method is to hide this field from the page.
    Hope this can give you some hints as well.
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 6,122 Super User on at
    Preventing Users from Changing Profile (Roles)
    You can do it by excluding the permissions for the My Settings Page/Table and the User Settings Page/Table for the users that should not be able to change their role. 
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 5,088 Super User on at
    Preventing Users from Changing Profile (Roles)
    try to create a new permission set based on this one
    Jun Wang
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    Saurav.Dhyani Profile Picture
    Saurav.Dhyani 12,769 User Group Leader on at
    Preventing Users from Changing Profile (Roles)
    You should be able to manage via Permissions.
    Saurav Dhyani
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    gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 4,046 Super User on at
    Preventing Users from Changing Profile (Roles)
    I hope this can help you. 
    Dynamics 365 Business Central: Controlling user access to the setups in the Settings menu (Personalize, Design, My Settings, Company information, Assisted setup, Advanced Settings, Admin Center) – No customization

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