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Fulfilling an order in 2 parts

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Hi all, 

We are an online food retailer selling high end rare food products. We are in the midst of moving away from Linnworks system and implementing Microsoft NAV. Our set up allows customers to select multiple items on the website and select a day of delivery for all of the products to arrive, We offer varying shipping options at different prices to cater for all. 

Due to the nature of the items we sell, frequently we are unable to source the entirety of the items that the customer has selected in one day and as a result we end up 'splitting' the order, sending half out on the specified day and the remaining half a day or two later once the missing stock becomes available. Using Linnworks we can simply 'split' the order dragging products from one window to another, creating 2 orders in the system ,one which can be processed immediately and the second which stays open until stock arrives. Replicating this function in NAV has been problematic. At the moment we are having to raise a secondary order against the customer account manually adding in the products and specifying a delivery option and then adjusting the initial order to show which items have been removed. 

My question is; does anyone know whether NAV has a more streamlined way around this; a function allowing an order to be separated and fulfilled in 2 separate instances? 



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    Fulfilling an order in 2 parts
    response from steve outlines the standard NAV way to handle a SO that has more than 1 shipment. I would recommend this approach as well unless it doesn't work for you for any reason.
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    Fulfilling an order in 2 parts
    We are also doing the same nature of business with linnworks. but i don't think NAV has more streamlined way around this.
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    RE: Fulfilling an order in 2 parts


    I have had customers over the many decades doing this using base NAV. They have several Sales Lines whereby they have a Shipment Date or Promised Shipment Date, per Sales Line. They set the Sales & Receivable Setup/Default Quantity to Ship = Blank. This will require the Shipping Team to enter the Quantity to ship only on the Sales Line shipping (not sure if you are using Warehousing steps or manual). Now I partially ship the Order leaving the remainder for another Shipment day. I can Invoice the 1st Shipment and then when I ship the backorders, I will invoice those after I ship.

    No need to split into 2 documents.

    Hope this helps.



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