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Access to the Business Central with a Gmail account

Posted on by 310
Hello everyone! 
I have a problem understanding how I can connect users who use Gmail accounts on a daily basis with Business Central and what limitations it creates.
We have users that have gmail account instead of outlook. 
I know that if I want to give them access to the system, I should set up these users as /guests/ and send an appropriate invitation - and also assign a license to BC. This will allow these users to log into the system and this is where the questions arise:
1/ When logging in to the system, will the user have to provide a gmail address and gmail password? When testing this, it turns out that the user who provides the gmail address receives a code to the gmail mailbox and instead of the gmail password when logging in to BC, he provides the code that he received in the mailbox.
2/ Is it possible to confirm login via MS Authenticator instead of a gmail code?
3/ Can users set up as /guests/ with a gmail account use the /Edit in Excel/ function if an Excel license is added to the /guest/ account?
4/ Is there anything that from your perspective we should pay attention to in the case of users with a gmail account? Are there any major limitations/differences compared to outlook accounts?

Unfortunately, I did not find all the information I needed, so the answer here clarifying these uncertainties will be very helpful.
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    AntonioKD 310 on at
    Access to the Business Central with a Gmail account
    Hello YUN ZHU,
    Thank you so much for your anwers.
    I am thinking about 3/ - is there any option that users who are created as a guest can use Edit in Excel function? Is there any solution for this? except creating them as normal users in tenant. 
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    YUN ZHU 64,086 Super User on at
    Access to the Business Central with a Gmail account
    Hope the following helps.
    1. No
    More details: Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS: How to add external users (Two ways)
    2. No
    3. No
    4: except access to user set up or administrative tasks.

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