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Customization of 1022500 - error - Incosistency detected between grid spdSalesOrder.....

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I am trying to show the SOheader.user2 field in the sales orders grid.  It seems to mostly work as I can see the data behind the error message - what am I missing?


i import the dh file for SOheader and declare public csr_xSOheader.  (put the x in there becuase I thought SL might by useing that name for bsoheadbuf)

In the Form Code:

Public MemHandle As Integer
Public MemMaintFlg As Integer
Dim MemFetch As Integer

Private Sub Form1_Display()
    MemHandle = GetGridHandle("spdSalesOrder")
    serr1 = VBA_Mextend(MemHandle, bSOHeader, LenB(bSOHeader))
End Sub

Private Sub Form1_Load()
     Call VBA_SetAddr("bSOHeader", bSOHeader, nSOHeader, LenB(bSOHeader))
     Call SqlCursorEx(csr_xSOHeader, NOLEVEL, "csr_xSOHeader", "SOHeader", "SOHeader")
End Sub

Private Sub txtSOHDInvtID_Chk(ChkStrg As String, retval As Integer)
    Dim SQLStr As String
    MemFetch = MFirst(memhandle_spdSalesOrder, MemMaintFlg)
    Do While MemFetch = 0
        bSOHeader = nSOHeader
        OrdNbr = GetObjectValue("txtSOOrdNbr")
        SQLStr = "select * from SOHeader WHERE ordnbr = " + SParm(OrdNbr)
        serr1 = SqlFetch1(csr_xSOHeader, SQLStr, bSOHeader, LenB(bSOHeader))
        Call MUpdate(memhandle_spdSalesOrder)
        MemFetch = MNext(memhandle_spdSalesOrder, MemMaintFlg)
End Sub




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    Barry Flynn Profile Picture
    Barry Flynn 3,090 on at
    Re: Customization of 1022500 - error - Incosistency detected between grid spdSalesOrder.....

    Two possibilities come to mind.

    The simplest is to do an mDisplay after your "Loop" statement.

    The other is a slightly more elaborate version.

    Before you do the mFirst, obtain the current grid row number (Offhand I don't recall the API which does that)

    Then after the "Loop" statement, use the API (can't remember its name either!)  to set back to that row number, then do the mDisplay.


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