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Restrict Vendors View

Posted on by 35

Hi all, I have a requirement to Restrict people being able to amend/view all activity on a limited range of vendors, can any help with the best way of doing this?

The purpose is to be able to pay some employees their salary for example without purchasing being able to see this activity. There are also a few other payments at director level that need to kept private.
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    RockwithNav Profile Picture
    RockwithNav 6,562 on at
    RE: Restrict Vendors View

    Either you can go ahead with some setups and the respective filters for all users which system will check while opening OR you can go ahead with the Roles and Permissions.

  • marleyreggie Profile Picture
    marleyreggie 35 on at
    RE: Restrict Vendors View

    thanks for the relies, quick update, I copied d365 vendor edit, added a security filter vendor <>Z*, as I have added some vendors beginning with Z, assigned this new permission set, but when I now look at Vendors, I can still see all Z vendors.

    I have noticed they have multiple Permission sets assigned to this user, so if one of the other permission sets has Vendor in it, will this filter not work?

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    JAngle Profile Picture
    JAngle 33,139 on at
    RE: Restrict Vendors View

    Depending on how often your data changes this can fall down due to maintenance. The filter option is great if you use a proper filter like all “sensitive” vendors might use a different number series, such as DIR. filter would then be <>DIR*.

    Other method I’ve used here is to reuses the idea of responsibility centres on the vendor and customer pages. It stops maintenance of the security filters if you don’t use a filter in the style I mentioned. It would be a modification though

  • marleyreggie Profile Picture
    marleyreggie 35 on at
    RE: Restrict Vendors View

    Great, thanks for the confirmation.

  • RE: Restrict Vendors View

    Hello, yes exactly: New user group (you can copy the current one), and then for the line that gives access to the Vendor table, add the filter "Where Sales Person <> AA" for example like this:


    Then leave super users with the original (unfiltered) permissions, and assign the new permisison set to restricted users. Then also check if other permisison sets also assign permissions to the Vendor table, if you need to restrict permissions to Ledger entries too, so there may be some "tuning" to do as well.

  • marleyreggie Profile Picture
    marleyreggie 35 on at
    RE: Restrict Vendors View

    Thanks for the reply, if i created a a new sales person(for example AA) and assigned this to the specific vendors that I want limited to who can see, do I then need to create a new user group and add this as a security filter in there and give access to the limited people?

    How does this stop all other users from seeing these vendors? Would they need to be restricted from the general view?

  • RE: Restrict Vendors View


    It sounds like you should look for "Record level security". Overview here:

    Also called "Security Filters", it allows you to assign permissions based on a value, for example where Sales Persion = AH:

    be aware though that if you start setting security filters, some pages may start erroring for some users, so maybe a bit of fine tuning follow up will be needed, but it basically lets you filter depending on values. Example: Normal users can see Vendor Ledger Entries where "Vendor No." <> 25|35|1.

    Or for postings like this, keep to using G/L Postings, maybe create a G/L Account for each "sensitive" account and use those, and in that way it will not go through the Vendors.

    Hope this helps?

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