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GP PSTL comparative in BC - is there something similar?

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Good morning Folks

Great Plains users might understand what I'm referring to by the abbreviation of PSTL.   This is known as the Professional Services Took Kit in Great Plains.   The functionality around the General Ledger accounts is what I'm needing in BC in order to motivate our GP clients to transition to BC.

In summary, the functionality around the GL account is as follows:

A GP GL account can be renamed and it will ripple through every posted and unposted transaction in all the sub-ledgers as well as in the GL.   It will also update the GL budgets.   Bear in mind that in GP, a GL account could be made up of e.g. 10 segments.   In BC that would be 1 account number and 9 dimensions.

It is not as simple as renaming the BC dimensions.   The dimensions for the target account could exist in BC already.  It is the combination of dimensions per account which will change. The client redefines reporting structrues and budgets and so they move accounts around.

The PSTL also has the functionality of merging GL accounts.   Many GP source accounts (all 10 segments) can be merged into a single target account.   An audit trail is produced and the source accounts are then deleted on completion.

I would think that this could be a rather large development in BC and I do wonder if someone has done this already or if anyone knows if Microsoft are planning on the same functionality for BC.

Your assistance would be apprecaited.

Thank you

  • Marmeduke8 Profile Picture
    Marmeduke8 240 on at
    RE: GP PSTL comparative in BC - is there something similar?

    Hello Josh

    Thank you for your reply.  I think that I have misled you by saying that the accounts are renamed.   That is not correct.   I meant to say that the accounts are renumbered.

    Sorry for not making that clear.

    Thank you

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    Inge M. Bruvik Profile Picture
    Inge M. Bruvik 32,714 Super User on at
    RE: GP PSTL comparative in BC - is there something similar?

    Just to add to what Josh already responded.

    For functionality you think should be added to Business Central you can also submit your product ideas here:

    There you can also look for and vote for other ideas submitted and Microsoft use this as part of their input for further product improvements.

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    JAngle 33,131 on at
    RE: GP PSTL comparative in BC - is there something similar?

    For clients on supported versions seems like a more obvious stumbling block in my experience. For those out of support the way the CoA and analysis is put together blows minds

    The merge doesn’t seem necessary as segments and dimensions are handled in very differing fashions. Right now no G/L account to G/L account merge exists. Worth checking appsource though. Workaround would be choosing one account, then moving balances with a journal and blocking one of the accounts.

    Renaming wise the ledger entry tables tend to use non editable lookup type fields for the name. So don’t see this as a stumbling block. It is worth considering that BC uses the Description field initially to enter the account types name. This is static as a user can override the value.

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