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2018 version - Work Order issue

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When the work order entry screen is open and a work order is displayed and set to released, pressing the quick print traveler button will cause report 12650M to print, but no longer does it contain any data.  If I use the ROI, and use the select function to select the work order in question, I and preview and print 12650M with the data intact.  So the Quick Print Traveler button on Work Order Entry appears to not work.  Is there something I might be missing?

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    Tom R. B. 55 on at
    RE: 2018 version - Work Order issue

    I am checking on this issue again.  I looked at CU1 for SL2018, but saw no mention of a fix for the Quick Print Traveler button on the Work Order Entry screen.  How do I check to see if it is in a list of future bug fixes?  I still have the same issue.  No custom Crystal report for 12650M.  Just straight out of the box.  And print preview works from the ROI.  But for the same work order number selected in Work Order Entry screen, clicking on the Quick Print Traveler button produces the same report, but void of all data. 

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    Tom R. B. 55 on at
    RE: 2018 version - Work Order issue

    In the report section of the work order interface, there exists a report called shop packet-traveler (12.650.00).  That seems to work when launched from the ROI manually.  All data prints.  That same report is executed when you click on the Quick Print Traveler button of the Work Order Entry screen.  It prints when you click on the button, but without any data.  There was no 12650M formatted report under the usr_rpt folder.  Also, when I do this test, I use the same work order number to test each scenario.  Do you have any other ways to troubleshoot?  Thanks!

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    CFROTON 4,710 on at
    RE: 2018 version - Work Order issue


    Quick Print generally uses the first report Listed on the Report Control Maintenance screen.  The first troubleshooting step is to try using the standard report format.  Sometimes, there is a change in the way the report launches in a different version and it may be passing incorrect information or no information at all to the work table.  So, please find this report format in usr_rpts folder, temporarily rename it to .old, then try the quick print functionality again.  if it prints, then you may need to look into the report itself needing re-customized. If it is still blank, then we'll go from there.

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