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Unable to enable the new Custom Help

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Posted on by 2,744

The 'cog' icon in the top right of the screen that used to open the Admin/Settings Area in CRM has now been changed so if forces us to the new Admin Centre Interface, however the settings in the new Admin Centre Interface do not include the option that you use to enable the new Custom Help (only all the old options for custom help with URL and Learning Path).   

ie. the option that MSFT have highlighted in the following link (showing the old interface) is not in the new

TBH: we are getting sick and tired of the random changes that are being forced on us (outside of the 2 forced upgrade windows - these windows are when such changes should be made other than opt-in changes).  We click somewhere one day go somewhere and then we do the same thing the next day and get sent somewhere else, or what you are looking for has been pulled off the page and put somewhere else and you waste time trying to find what you are looking for as there.  We are also getting feedback from our customers' Office 365 Global Admins etc that they are also really annoyed as it is wasting there time also.

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    Fubar 2,744 on at
    RE: Unable to enable the new Custom Help

    Thanks, I can get what I need from the legacy link (now I know its there).

    But your post also reinforces out frustrations

    • We are getting this in environments that have not yet been brought up to  Wave 1 2020
    • We have to know about the "Resources/Legacy" link to be able to use it.  You waste time looking in one area (where all the other options are) and what you need to find a link that is sitting under another collapsed heading..
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    Henry J. 5,235 on at
    RE: Unable to enable the new Custom Help

    Hi LA,

    Thanks for your honest feedback.

    The behavior of the "Advanced Setting" button has indeed changed with the 2020 Release Wave 1.
    The experience is soon going to be improved so that non-admin users will keep being redirected to the legacy settings (otherwise they would hit an insufficient privilege error on the Power Platform Admin Center - PPAC), while administrators will continue to be redirected to the new PPAC environment settings.

    Administrators can however easily navigate from PPAC to the environment legacy settings by expanding the "Resources" section and clicking on "All legacy settings":


    That way you'll be able to enable Custom Help Pane for your model-driven apps.


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