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Consumption of Inventory Items with out BOM

Posted on by 25
We are manufacturing entity and using production BOM & Routings for finished goods. But there are some inventory items which are not there on Production BOMs but actually getting consumed in the production as indirect material. We have to keep those as inventory items for traceability purposes but we cannot include those in to the production BOMs'. What is the best way to take off these items from inventory? Currently we are doing negative adjustment at month end.
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    Aamirr 25 on at
    Consumption of Inventory Items with out BOM
    Thanks for the reply.
    The problem is regarding the mandatory customer field in the job card. Currently we are using process costing so Job order costing is bit alien to me in the business central so I 'll dig this further to see this can be done.
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    Ben Baxter 4,228 Super User on at
    Consumption of Inventory Items with out BOM
    Since the consumption is not linked to a specific Production Order, I think the way you processed it in the old system would work in Business Central as well.  Create a Job that stays open, or for a designated period of time, where you can record (via the Job Journal) any materials, labor, costs, etc. and view a history of those entries.
    Best Regards,
    Ben Baxter
    Accent Software Inc
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    Aamirr 25 on at
    Consumption of Inventory Items with out BOM
    Thanks for the reply and it would have worked if we exactly know that how much quantities we need to include in one production order. My question is regarding the indirect material which cannot be directly linked to each production order. For example we use chemicals to sanitize the complete plant on daily base. Those chemicals are inventory items but we cannot include those in the production orders so we have to do a negative adjustment for those items at each weekend which I really want to avoid.
    At my previous work, we were using Oracle (Job Order Costing) so I used to open a job and consume all indirect material there and that type of jobs were linked to OH control account through positing setup to become part of actual overheads for the period. I know that was different software with different costing system but there should be some kind of solution in Dynamics 365 as well as it is very common scenario in manufacturing.
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    Shauna Langley 608 Super User on at
    Consumption of Inventory Items with out BOM
    If you are using consumption journals then you can manually add items unto this journal that are not part of the BOM.  See below.
    My example has the top two items as part of the BOM but I then added the third line manually.  Item ledger entries will show as below.
    If you want to have these indirect items added automatically as part of the calc consumption option then you will need a separate table to link the Production BOM to the indirect items and these can then be added to the bottom of the consumption journal but that will require development.
    Not sure if that helps,

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