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Publishing Data back into Talent from Excel

Posted on by 165

Good Afternoon

Is anyone having issues with information not publishing back into Talent? I'm having the following issues.

1) Newly created custom fields are not longer showing up as available in the data connector.

2) Whenever you try to update an existing template. It's telling me the name field hasn't been filled, even though it has. We're getting the following message.

A row created in data set Workers was not published. Error message: 'Write failed for table row of type 'HcmWorkerEntity'. Infolog: Warning: Field 'Name' must be filled in.; Warning: validateField failed on field 'DirPartyBaseEntity.Name'.'


  • CMSULLIVAN Profile Picture
    CMSULLIVAN 165 on at
    RE: Publishing Data back into Talent from Excel

    Good Afternoon

    Thanks for responding. We're tried using the trial and production environment. There's a couple of things happening. When we use the Templates from the Get Started section of Talent it seems to be publishing the changes. Whenever we use the Open in Microsoft option on one of the workspaces, it's tells us the required fields are read-only and won't allow us to update them and publish them. The other issue is with the custom fields. We verified they were setup correctly, updated custom fields section in Talent, and refreshed the entity list. Whenever we open the spreadsheet and hit design. The fields we created aren't showing as available. Everything was fine a couple of weeks ago, we weren't having this issue then. I didn't know if there had been any updates or changes in the system.



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    Malinm85 User Group Leader on at
    RE: Publishing Data back into Talent from Excel

    Hi CM,

    Do you have a production environment? Are you using the standard Excel templates or some that you have created? Does this happen no matter what entity you are trying to edit?

    I have a small hunch that you might need to submit a support ticket to get this solved.

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