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Refresh section on field change

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Hi everyone,


I have a Power Automate Flow which updates a field on a custom dataverse table.


Could anyone share the JS syntax for automatically refreshing the section or page when that field changes? The reason I think I would need to refresh the section/page (the equivalent of clicking the Refresh button) is that I have an embedded canvas app in a section which needs to be updated when the field value changes.


My thinking is that I could place the field in a different section and run the JS function on the OnChange property against it.

best regards,


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    maeneak 7 on at
    Refresh section on field change
    I came up with a messy workaround using the OnChange event of the control. It triggers a save when the field is 'Dirty' which in turn triggers the flow, then run through a few nested setTimeout's and use showProgressIndicator to restrict/notify the user. I just picked a timeout value I was sure would cover the flow run time, but this is obviously not guaranteed for long flows.
    function SaveFormOnChangeIfDirty(primaryControl, fieldName, interval) {
        var formContext = primaryControl.getFormContext();
        var field = formContext.getAttribute(fieldName);
        if (field.getIsDirty() && field.getValue() != null) {
            Xrm.Utility.showProgressIndicator("Running flows and updating data...");
            setTimeout(function() {
            }, interval);
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    ImranAmi 98 on at
    RE: Refresh section on field change

     Eiken  Thank you for the solution. Unfortunately, although the function triggers perfectly when changing a field inside the form, it seems a javascript function cannot trigger when a field has been changed by an external connector (in this case, Power Automate).

    There is a Power Automate flow which updates that field. In the video below, you can see the event triggers when I change the field directly inside the form, but the event does not trigger when a Power Automate Flow changes that field.

    I still find your solution very helpful though so I marked as Solved.

    If you happen to know if it is indeed possible to trigger the refresh, please let me know.


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    Eiken on at
    RE: Refresh section on field change


    Please use the following API:, errorCallback); 

    Please check the detail of this API.

    data.refresh (Client API reference) in model-driven apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

    Now please refer to my steps.

    Edit the refreshpage function.

    function refreshpage(e){
        var formContext = e.getFormContext();{

    Add On change event to the selected field.(Now I choose ""Name")


    It works well.


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