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Capacity and work centers management

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I would like some inputs about how to mange capacity.

We have created operations (pick, mount, test...) as Work center, to make it easy to generate and read routings.

But how can I mange the capacity? We have a team of 4 employees, which each can do the same job.

Are we wrong?


WC=Work Center

Routing A:

WC: PICK - operation time: 1 HOUR

WC: MONT - operation time: 1 HOUR

WC: TEST - operation time: 1 HOUR

All work center are with the capacity of 1 fuldtime enployee, but this is not the reality

The load will be registered on each work center, but I would like the capacity and load to be on the Work center Group.

Is it possible?

How are other production managing the Work centers / routing / capacity?

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    RE: Capacity and work centers management


    Not sue if your goal is to plan in concurrent capacity...

    Our design

    Our design is caused by misunderstanding which doesn’t allow to use concurrent capacity if machine/work center has capacity greater 1. These are planned in sequence.


    You can find the information in this MSDN link:


    The main reason is that NAV is ”just” an MRP. From an MRP perspective is ”just” enough to determine planning from an aggregated capacity perspective (we are not interested on detailed capacity planning). As an example, an MRP is interested on determine how many productions can be produced on an weekly basis. If we need to determine a detailed capacity planning (ie. How are we sequencing production orders on a given day), this is another planning tool: APS, dispatcher or sequencer where different rules can be provided to determine the most optimal capacity planning. 


    Current behavior

    The logic looks for the latest “Production Order Capacity Need” record and moves a new operation before it. It means that in this case there is one record 8:00 – 16:00 and therefore the system will suggest the new operation one day before.

    One thing we need to focus on here is the Concurrent Capacities. In our scenario, concurrent capacities is 1 which defines that only 1 capacity will be used and the remaining won’t be used.


    Let’s assume WC with capacity 3 and this load (all RPO should be finished 30/01/01 16:00):

    Today’s results:


    But, there might be other alternatives to optimize this. Either should be??



     Or should be? 





    But there are a lot of problems because the capacity of WC could be fragmented:

    (Now the colors mean different production orders which consume Capacity anytime)






    And now we have a new request – 8 hours (30/01/01 16:00) Concurrent Capacity = 2. Should the system use free hours of 30/01/01 (which is fragmented) or use capacity from 29/01/01 (12-14) which is now free? These questions will have to be taken into account. That is why this requires a new setup with configuration around how capacity scheduling should be optimized.



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