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Workflow Emails not working

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We have multiple companies in our BC environment and set up identical workflows for JE approvals and email accounts. In one entity, the controller gets email notifications both when someone requests his approval for a general journal batch, as well as when his request is rejected. The staff accountant does not receive either type of email. 
However, if they switch entities, the staff now receives both approval and rejection emails, but the controller now receives none. The workflows are identical, the email accounts are set up the same in both entities, and they both have their emails entered in the user setup page. Why would they be having reversed experiences when they switch companies?
  • Workflow Emails not working
    Hi, one of my customers has a similar problem with a Workflow.  In their case, notifications work on the first steps but the error happens whenever they add a step "Create a notification for Sender." to a Workflow Response for after approval.  The error when someone approves is "Response CREATECONFIRMATIONNOTIFICATIONENTRY is not supported in the workflow." followed by the same error in the Job Queue Log that you have.  Did you get any further with finding out what these job queue log entries are caused by?  I'm wondering if it is looking in a different table or trying to match a User ID to a different record type or something like that?

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    Workflow Emails not working
    Thanks ZHU, I have checked those and they're all correct and identical across the companies. I was able to resolve the issue with the staff (it was missing an email account in the approval user setup page). Now it's just the controller's email in one of the entities. I checked the job queue log entries and see the error message "You must specify a valid email account to send the message to" (see below). I've verified that the email is set up the same on the controller's side for both companies, so I'm not sure why it would have this error on just one of the companies. His email notifications in this company were previously working before we messed with it today, and instead of getting them to all work everywhere, we somehow broke his notifications in this one company.
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    Workflow Emails not working
    This is a bit weird, you can double check the settings below.
    Hopefully other experts can give you better advice.

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