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Improved stock count operation in POS

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In the 2021 release wave 2 plan, the article describes this functional enhancement: 

Support of in-parallel counting by multiple users. Counted quantities can be entered by users separately with data reconciliation occurring afterward.

The feature "Improved stock count  operation in POS" was GA in 10.0.24. I have tried to find ducumentation that describe this in-parallell counting experience, but so far I haven't find anything. Is there anyone in the community that can explain how this works, or is supposed to work?

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    RuneArnesen 15 on at
    RE: Improved stock count operation in POS


    Thank you very much for the very good explanation of this functionality,

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    RE: Improved stock count operation in POS

    Hi Rune,


    This is how it works:

    First, please Make sure Feature “Improved stock count operation in POS” is enabled and the config is synced to Channel DB.

    1.       Create a counting journal from HQ. Make sure Site and Warehouse are specified.

    2.       Open this counting journal, add at least 1 product. Without this step it won’t show up in POS.

    3.       Go to POS -> Stock count -> Active tab, refresh and you will see the counting journal created in HQ.

    4.       Click “View details” in bottom-right corner, start your counting. You can also count other product that doesn’t show in the list.

    5.       You can do Step 4 in different devices with different users in parallel.

    6.       Once counting is done, commit the counting journal from any device and it will be synced to HQ.

    7.       In HQ, those numbers counted in different devices will be summed up.

    8. You can also create the journal in POS, you only need to add at least one line and then “submit” it to HQ.

    Afterwards, it can be found in the active tab of the stock count form.

    Please be aware, that the draft-ID will be replaced by the final journal ID coming from the number sequence in HQ

    But it should be simply the last journal appearing in your list, unless someone else also creates another journal in the meantime.

    or you can use the “Description” during journal creation to find the right journal in POS.

    Since POS is only using a “temporary number” during journal creation, this number will be overwritten by the final one from HQ, which is making it difficult to find it again after submitting it to HQ.

    But you can use the description field for this.

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